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        Reflow oven HR-10 (industry 4.0)


   HR-10 - Reflow pece: Pretavovacia pec HR-10 (industry 4.0)
HR-10   Reflow oven HR-10 (industry 4.0)    

   HR-10 - Reflow pece: Pretavovacia pec HR-10 (industry 4.0)
 Code: HR-10
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Table Reflow Oven HR-10 with manual door opening
Industry 4.0 ready, Bluetooth communication + tablet
IR + convection heating.

- Android application for connecting to Tablet or Smartphone
- 100 various users programs
- Solder dumps exhaust integrated inside reflow chamber

Oven description: Benchtop Reflow oven with IR and convection heating. Forced hot-air convection ensures uniform temperature profile in whole chamber. After door opening are cooling fans switched on and cool-down soldered PCB quickly.

Connect oven to electrical power and dump exhaust to exhaust system. After first switch-on oven is searching for paired Tablet or Smartphone. When both are connected in Android App you choose programing of oven. Here are programmable temperature and time of preheating as well as temperature and time for soak
and other data.
When oven is already programmed user can control process with buttons and display on front panel. There is acoustic signal started when reflow process is over. The same signal is appeared in Tablet/Smartphone.
Android application displays process status, time and temperature or other info. Application for IOS systems is planed.

Technical Data:
Source: 230 V, 50 Hz
Max Power: 3100 W
Temperatures: 50-260 °C
Dimensions: 510x370x340 mm
Max weight: 16 kg
Grid dimensions: 350x220 mm
Max dimensions of PCB: 300x200 mm

Recommended accesorries: Fume extraction unit FE-10

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