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Main page » Assembling of PCB » Manual SMD pick and place » MAN 32 - Manipulator

        MAN 32 - Manipulator


 MAN 32 - Manuálne osadzovanie SMD:  MAN 32 - Manipulátor
MAN 32   MAN 32 - Manipulator    

 MAN 32 - Manuálne osadzovanie SMD:  MAN 32 - Manipulátor
 Code: MAN 32

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MAN 32 together with feeders and placing table forms a compact, powerful pick and place system.
Supplied without feeders.

Easy arm moving in X, Y axis allows comfortable picking of components from feeders and their placing all over circuit board. Precise direction of the pick and place head means vertical and smooth placing the components into the solder cream. Conducting head button is used for needle rotating. Head also contains an extremely light but productive light generator over circuit board, and magnetic sensor of move the board. Efficient vaccum pump (230V) with a regulation of vacuum. This pump body consists of electronics that controlls the vaccum values by signals from magnetic sensor.

As an accessory are supplied interchangeable nozzles, needles and suckers for holding the components, are simply changed bygeneral putting on a holder. Putting a circuit board to Z axis, light and rotation of components for pick and placing the carousels. Optional dispenser together with movable arm support allow dispense adhesive or solder paste.

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