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        Thermal Profiler (Data Logger) - SET


MTP 05 - Meracie prístroje: Merač teplotných profilov (DataLogger) - SET
MTP 05   Thermal Profiler (Data Logger) - SET    

MTP 05 - Meracie prístroje: Merač teplotných profilov (DataLogger) - SET
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Basic tool for adjusting reflow ovens and solder wells.

MTP 05 is autonomy equipment, which measures temperature up to 8 places at the same time. Recorded values are stored to memory and these data are transmitted
to PC after the finishing of the measurement. Together with protection box this equipment supports temperatures up to 260°C and therefore is able to measure
thermal profile during trough reflow oven. Mainly use will find MTP how the measurer of temperature directly on the PCB during soldering with reflow oven or wave soldering machine, where can detect any irregularity of soldering process or critical points on the board. These data are necessary for the set-up of correct temperature profile for your soldering machine.

Measured values from 8 thermocouples are stored into flash memory together with measuring time and the date. After transferring to PC are these data processed by special graphic software MTP WIN, which displays graph of temperatures vs. time and automatically writes achieved minimum/maximum values, duration of each
stage and temperature increases/decreases. Operator can choose the other values from profile, which are interested for him. The profiles in the graph are stored to hard disc and can be printed with a report. This way are
classified and archived the measured values for the later use or a comparison by periodically revisions of soldering system.

Measuring of thermal profiles is very important mostly by shift to soldering without lead - according to ROHS EU directive. By lead free soldering and mainly by reflow is reduced process window of solder paste and
therefore is necessary not to exceed maximum (260°C) on thermally “light” components, and also to reach ca 240°C by devices with big thermal capacity.
By this reason parameters of reflow oven (temperatures, times, speed of conveyor etc.) have to be adjusted with the view of temperatures on every part
of PCB fit these limits.

Technical specifications:
Capacity of memory: 8 x 00 samples
Sampling interval: 1sec. ~ 1h
Measurement accuracy: +/- 1 %
Temperature range: 0 ~ 300°C
Start of process: manual or automatic
Dim. of thermobox LxWxH: 130x123x16 mm
Channels: 8
Sensors: thermocouples K-type
Connecting to PC: RS 232 (USB)
Max. working temperature : 260°C (with thermobox)
Max. temperature without thermobox: 60 °C
Measuring time max: 15 mins at 150 °C
Dimensions LxWxH: 210x159x26 mm

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