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        Ultrasonic cleaner US-400


US-400 - Ultrazvukové čistenie: Ultrazvuková čistička US-400
US-400   Ultrasonic cleaner US-400    

US-400 - Ultrazvukové čistenie: Ultrazvuková čistička US-400
 Code: US-400

Price without VAT:   2506 €  
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Ultrasonic power: 800 W
Heating power: 2000 W
Max. tank capacity: 60 L

* Digitally controlled cleaner
* Work time setting: 1-99 minutes
* Ultrasonic power and temperature of cleaning liquid in range from 0oC to 80oC set in real time
* Cleaning liquid temperature control (in case of over heating, process is stoping until cleaning liquid cools down)
* Beep at one minute before process end and at its end
* Internal tank dimensions: 600 x 500 x H 200 mm
* Unit dimensions: 700 x 550 x H 350 mm
* Capacity: 60 L
* Ultrasonic power: 800 W
* Heating power: 2000 W


* Electronic - any contamination, dirt from PCBs and components cleaning
* Medicine - dental and surgical tools cleaning
* Dentistry and prosthetics - dental plates and clamps cleaning
* Jewellery - jewellery cleaning
* Watch-making - watches and clocks mechanisms, tools cleaning
* Optic - precise glasses cleaning without taking out lenses from holder, objectives and lenses
* Armurerie - weapons cleaning
* Mechanic - carburettors, bearings, injectors, etc
* Numismatics - exhibits from polishing paste cleaning
* Laboratories - bioanalyzers cuvettes and equipment (e.g.: glass sampling pipette) cleaning
* Printing industry - raster shafts cleaning, removal of no exposed fotopolymers
* Wherever it becomes necessary to carefully non-mechanical clean


* High durability and lifetime warranty on housing
* Aesthetic, durable and consistent casing made of sheet steel
(easy to maintain equipment)
* Low cost of operating (modular design allows replacement washers on any component)
* Working in multi-shift system - 16h/24h
* Smooth adjustment of ultrasonic frequency
(universal solution for the following industries: electronic, jewelry, clock-making, prosthetic, mechanical)
* High performance of ultrasonic transmission
(modules bolted to the tank)
* Used liquid waste system
* Convenient control panel
* The shape of the tank prevents from liquid splashing and vapor emition to environment

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